Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today is my birthday. I always love celebrating birthdays. Not just mine, but other people's as well. I don't know why this is..... but it possibly might have something to do with me getting and giving gifts. Gifts are definitely my "love language" husband could testify to that. It has always been a little strange to me when I hear people say that they don't want to celebrate their birthday with a party, or even that they don't want any gifts. Yes, I understand that everyone is different. It is just a concept I don't seem to grasp. I would say that I love to give gifts just as much as I love to receive them. I also love to see people's reactions to gifts that I get them. For instance, at Christmas time, I hate when everyone wants to open gifts all at the same time. You can't see the looks on everyone's faces all at the same time..... I have different roads that I can go down when it comes to getting someone a gift. I could go for practical and safe, which is getting someone something that I know that they could use or need, and that they have actually told me that they want. Or I sometimes branch out and go for risky and rewarding. These are the gifts that people don't know that they want until they see them. I love getting gifts like this!! Gifts like these prove that the person cares about you and that they have actually thought about you.

We actually celebrated my birthday yesterday on the 7th. Last week when talking about what we would do for my birthday, I decided that we wouldn't do anything big this year. Maybe just have a little get-together with a few friends, and possibly have dinner and play some games (we are big game players!!). It actually turned out that almost all of my close friends were able to attend, which made it bigger than originally planned, but exactly what I would have wanted. We hung out for the afternoon, and then when dinner time came we ordered Los Cabos fajitas. Then after that came the favorite part!!!

This year I got a DVD from a friend that had a collaboration of all of the pics from this past year. It was pretty awesome.... I got three new games, one of which we played at the party (Tele-strations...fantastic group game, I totally recommend it), and the other were classic games of Monopoly and Life. What made these cool were that they are the ones that look like books that can easily be stored on a book shelf out in the open without looking tacky. Also on the gift list was an exercise ball, a cookie cake from the great american cookie company (the only acceptable place to get cookie cakes in my opinion...), jewelry from James Avery, awesome hand-crafted artwork for my bedroom / master bath, and cash..... Where is the Coach purse, you ask??? Nope, not this year.... I have accepted the fact that until the money for our adoption is secured that I probably won't be getting one, or really maybe never again, and I am okay with that. I know that I come across sometimes as being addicted to purses, but really I can live without them (or at least I think I can, lol?)

After that we played a different game called Quelf. This was my first time playing this, and it definitely won't be my last!!! This was hilarious...I wish I could post the pics and videos that I took but I want these people to continue to be my friends so I won't. It is the best game I've played in a while, perfect for large groups or small.

Birthdays to me are just another way to celebrate life with family and friends. Yes, me getting gifts made my day in a huge way. The gifts themselves will carry along with them memories that can never be taken away. But it wouldn't have been the same if everyone would have just dropped them off at the door and said "See Ya!"..... My friends and family took what would have been just a regular day and turned it into something special for me. I am EXTREMELY grateful for them!!!! On a funnier note, WE WILL BE EATING LEFT-OVER FAJITAS FOR DAYS.....


  1. I love birthdays too. My husband thinks I'm crazy bc I think I need a bday week. Lol my love language is definitely giving & getting gifts too. I put alot of thought into giving my gifts.
    I absolutely love the game quelf. We played it at our work game night. My coworkers didn't quite enjoy it as much as I, but I loved it. I did post my pics on fb for all too see. Lol

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice birthday. You are so precious, you will always be forever young!