Monday, January 16, 2012

A Walk To Remember...

Goodmorning! Ever since the other day when I watched "A Walk To Remember", the title to the movie has been turning circles in my brain. Of course we all know what the movie is about, but I got to thinking about my life and the different walks that I have taken or the walks that I plan to take in the future. This put a little bit of a different spin on things for me. I want to have walks and take walks in life that are worth remembering, not forgetting...

First and foremost, when thinking of these "walks", my walk with God is brought to mind. Someday I will be gone. I want to lead a life that abundantly shows that my walk with God was most important in my life. More important than my family, my friends, my "anything" basically. I believe that if this walk in my life is first, then the other walks that I embark on will go much smoother. Something I pray that I am always reminded of day after day is that this is not something that just affects me. This is something that has the ability and the power to influence multiple others. I think that it is easy to get caught up in life and be focused on you, you, you. Whether this be building your family (my current attention getter!), or focusing on career, or becoming more healthy, or really anything....the list goes on and on. I wonder how much different my days would be if I woke up with a conscious thought of others, others, others instead? There are people in my life that have come and gone, whether it be by death or distance, that I can say that their walk with God positively influenced my life, and for that I am "eternally" grateful.

My second "walk" that I want people to remember in a good light is my walk with my husband. I want so much to be a bright example of this for my kids!! I think that Cory and I work very hard at this already. Sometimes I wonder if this is the reason we don't have any kiddos maybe God has more that he wants us to learn so that in the future we will be able to set better examples of what a marriage should look like. Cory and I actually started "working" on this before we were even married. We decided that we would make it part of out pre-marital counseling to meet with different couples, all of which were at different stages in their marriage. Some had been married six months, some way, way, longer. At the time, I thought this was extremely silly (it was Cory's idea...), but now that I can look back and see how there were times, and still are times, that we use things we learned from those couples to help us in certain situations, I am glad and relieved that we did it. Of the couples that have taught us things, my in-laws are by far the best example of what a marriage should look like. I am extremely humbled by their example and am forever thankful for such a resource in them when it comes to marriage.

My third walk would be a walk I haven't had the privilege of taking yet. This would be the one I am going to take with my kids, my walk as being a parent. I am looking forward to this. I know that I have tons to learn and that everyday will be an opportunity for growth.

Yes I know this is my blog and supposed to be about me....but I encourage you to take a look at your "walks"....Are they something that you want to be remembered or forgotten?

Adoption Update: Cory and I are currently deciding between two agencies. We also have our first class / meeting this Saturday...I can't wait!!!

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